Wines are available in flights of three 2 oz. samplers.

When you find something you like, we also serve it by the glass. And when you find something you love, we serve it by the bottle!


Finca Las Moras Malbec
2 oz $2 | 6 oz $7 | 9 oz $9 | Bottle $26
Colour: Ruby
Bouquet: Aromas of red fruits
Palate: Full-bodied with smoke and vanilla

The Beach House Sunset Shiraz
(South Africa)
2 oz $3 | 6 oz $8 | 9 oz $12 | Bottle $35
Colour: Deep ruby red
Bouquet: Blackberry, spice, and all things nice
Palate: Smooth velvety tannins with loads of black fruits and elegant spices

Vintage Ink Whisky Barrell Red
2 oz $3 | 6 oz $10 | 9 oz $14 | Bottle $36
Colour: Rich purple red
Bouquet: Ripe plum, dark blackberries, vanilla, and mocha
Palate: Hints of spice with smoky vanilla oak

Santa Carolina Cabernet Sauvignon
2 oz $3 | 6 oz $10 | 9 oz $14 | Bottle $36
Colour: Deep purple
Bouquet: Aromas of smoke, floral notes, prune, licorice, and herbs
Palate: Well balanced with ripe tannins, smoke, prune, and licorice flavours with a medium-long finish

The Velvet Devil Merlot
2 oz $4 | 6 oz $12 | 9 oz $16 | Bottle $42
Colour: Red
Bouquet: Aromas of dark cherries, cedar, pipe tobacco, anise, stone, and cherry blossoms
Palate: Full body with notes of red fruit and sweet berries with a long smooth finish

Gran Passione Rosso
2 oz $4 | 6 oz $13 | 9 oz $18 | Bottle $49
Colour: Deep ruby red
Bouquet: Fruity hints that give way to notes of spices and vanilla
Palate: Complex and solid structure that offers a perfect balance of tannins and acidity

Susana Balbo Crios Malbec
2 oz $5 | 6 oz $18 | 9 oz $23 | Bottle $64
Colour: Reddish purple
Bouquet: Aromas of crushed blueberries, cherries, and blackberries
Palate: Sweet red fruit flavours balanced with subtle oakiness and perfectly ripe berries


Finca Las Moras Pinot Grigio
2 oz $2 | 6 oz $7 | 9 oz $9 | Bottle $26
Colour: Yellow with bright green hues
Bouquet: Intense aromas of fruit like peach, pear, and apricot
Palate: Refreshing with a slight sweetness and good balance of acidity

Beringer White Zinfandel
2 oz $2 | 6 oz $7 | 9 oz $9 | Bottle $26
Colour: Rose hued
Bouquet: Fruity floral aroma
Palate: A dry white Zinfandel with a refreshing edge. Tones of fruit with a nice sweetness

Folonari Pinot Grigio
2 oz $3 | 6 oz $9 | 9 oz $13 | Bottle $36
Colour: Pale yellow
Bouquet: Fresh florals
Palate: Dry and crisp with notes of green apples

Bree Riesling
2 oz $3 | 6 oz $10 | 9 oz $14 | Bottle $37
Colour: Pale, gold yellow
Bouquet: Hints of ripe pear and some minerality
Palate: Refreshing flavours of green apple, passion fruit, and lime

Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc
(New Zealand)
2 oz $4 | 6 oz $12 | 9 oz $17 | Bottle $45
Colour: Pale straw green
Bouquet: Zesty aromatic with penetrating fruit characters
Palate: Refreshing with herbal and grassy notes

Quails Gate Chardonnay VQA
2 oz $5 | 6 oz $15 | 9 oz $20 | Bottle $61
Colour: Pale straw hue
Bouquet: Full bodied and crisp, with aromas of white peach, honey, and delicate floral notes
Palate: Pear, apple, and toasty hazelnut notes


Veuve D’Argent Blanc de Blanc
Bottle $33
Fruity and floral aromas with mineral notes and a hint of biscuit on the nose

Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut
Bottle $38
This sparkling Spanish white wine carries aromas of green apple, pear. and a bit of floral and citrus. On the palate, it’s medium-bodied, with lively bubbles, intense fruit flavours, and crisp acidity

Blu Giovello Prosecco
Glass $10 | Bottle $48
Bright aromas and flavours of white fruit, quine, starfruit, with a touch of nuts, honey, and fresh pear. The palate is dry and refreshing with lively bubbles, Asian pear with tangy quince notes on the finish