Scotch & Whisky

Order as a single or double.

Like to sample a few? Try a flight of three ½ oz whiskey samplers.


1. Highlands
2. Lowlands
3. Speyside
4. Orkney Island
5. Skye
6. Islay
7. Campbeltown
8. Arran

American whiskey or rye whiskey must be distilled with at least 51% rye and aged for min 2 years.

Jack Daniels $7
Sazerac $10

Bourbon is made in the USA and must be distilled from 51% corn and aged in charred oak barrels.

Jim Beam $7
Bulleit $7
Makers Mark $8
Buffalo Trace $8

Irish whiskey is made in Ireland and distilled from unmalted barley, typically 3 times.

Bushmills $7
Paddy’s Irish $7
Jameson Irish $8
Jameson Cold Brew $8


Canadian whisky is blended and distilled with multiple grains.

Canadian Club Classic 12 yr $7
Crown Royal $7
Gibson’s Finest $7


Also available in ½ oz flights of three for half the price.

1. Famous Grouse $6
Highlands, Scotland
Body: Crisp and light
Palate: Balanced, biscuit-laden palate with a core of thick, creamy malt
Finish: A slightly sweet, malty finish

2. Glenlivet 12yr $9
Speyside, Scotland
Body: Medium, smooth, and firm
Palate: Subtle peatiness. Delicate. Slightly sweet and fruity with hints of vanilla
Finish: Long but mild and warming with a trace of peat at the end

3. Jonnie Walker Black $9
Speyside, Scotland
Body: Rich and dark
Palate: Oak casks combined with creamy toffee notes that come from grain whiskies
Finish: This iconic whisky delivers a smooth and warming smoke finish

4. Glenfiddich 12yr $9
Speyside, Scotland
Body: Thin and slick
Palate: Mellow with a warming wave of caramel popcorn or oatmeal with brown sugar
Finish: Short but with a lingering caramel sweetness

5. Glenmorangie 10yr $11
Highlands, Scotland
Body: Full
Palate: Pear, pie crust, and sugar gives way to an earthy and peppery flavour
Finish: Strong flavours that last a long time

7. Laphroaig Quarter Cask $11
Isle of Islay, Scotland
Body: Bold and strong
Palate: Classic traits of charcoal, tar, burning wood, and a hint of pepper
Finish: Lingering and bittersweet but somewhat reserved

8. Talisker 10yr $13
Isle of Skye, Scotland
Body: Full and oily
Palate: Initial taste of fruit followed by earthy smoke flavours
Finish: Long finish with lingering taste of peat and oak punctuated by citrus

9. Dalwhinnie 15yr $13
Highlands, Scotland
Body: Full
Palate: Fruity malt with fresh ground pepper taste at the end
Finish: Long, mild finish with mild lingering

10. Springbank 10yr $13
Campbeltown, Scotland
Body: Rich and full
Palate: Impressions of tropical fruit and toasted malt
Finish: A tinge of oil and peat with a lash of cinnamon to finish

11. Bowmore 15yr $14
Isle of Islay, Scotland
Body: Full, smooth
Palate: Woody, pine oil with lovely creamy toffee and malt
Finish: Smoke, spice, toffee, sherry, and barley

12. Ardbeg 10yr $14
Isle of Islay, Scotland
Body: Full, and smoky
Palate: Sweet vanilla counterbalanced with lemon and lime followed by smoke
Finish: Long; sea salted caramel and beach bonfire smoke

13. Balvenie 12yr $14
Speyside, Scotland
Body: Full
Palate: Mellow, rich, and smooth
Finish: Warm and long-lasting with a most interesting fullness

14. Oban 14yr $18
Highlands, Scotland
Body: Full and rich
Palate: Late autumn fruits followed by a smoky, malty dryness
Finish: by a smoky, malty dryness Long, smooth-sweet finish with an oak wood dryness and a grain of salt

15. Lagavulin 16yr $19
Isle of Islay, Scotland
Body: Lapsang Souchong and fruity sherry
Palate: The dryness is at first offset by the sweetness of the sherry character. As the palate develops, oily, grassy, and, in particular, salty notes emerge in a long, sustained, aggressive attack
Finish: A huge, powerful, bear-hug of peat

15. Macallan 15yr Triple Cask $24
Speyside, Scotland
Body: Delicate yet complex
Palate: Intense rich chocolate with orange and dried fruit
Finish: Lingering with chocolate

16. Glenlivet Archive 21yr $29
Speyside, Scotland
Body: Medium, very firm, and smooth
Palate: Rich and full with notes of oily walnuts and winter fruitcake with spice and sugar
Finish: Long and sweet with a soft, chewy oak

17. Johnnie Walker Blue Label $31
Lowlands, Scotland
Body: Rich and smooth
Palate: Nutty, creamy, citrus, and a hint of pepper
Finish: Sweet, smooth, and slightly warming

18. Glenfiddich 21yr $34
Speyside, Scotland
Body: Medium, slightly oily
Palate: Dried fruit developing crème brulee, coffee, malt and heather flavours
Finish: Sweet, drying on finish with bittersweet chocolate, citrus and ginger notes

Prices do not include applicable taxes